Saturday, December 29, 2007

'76 #4

Cover by Ed "The Edict" Tadem:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ain't It Cool News calls '76 a "great comic"

But we knew that, right?

Here's the review:

’76 #1
Image Comics

Remember the seventies? Well, to be honest, I don’t. I was born in the mid-seventies, so I wasn’t really cognizant of such things, but now I can appreciate the cult following it has. Having done my Tarantino film and TV Land research, I have to say that I have a firm handle on some of the coolness that came from that wonderful decade and so does the talent behind this book. In the tradition of POWER MAN & IRON FIST comes ’76, an anthology (is it an anthology book if it has two ongoing stories? Not sure.) featuring the age old Black Guy/White Guy team up theme with a generous amount of ass-kicking and silky smooth styles throughout. Writer B. Clay Moore and artist Ed Tadem bring us “Jackie Karma” which features a pair of action toughs forced out of retirement when an old criminal returns to the streets. It’s the type of story that will most definitely warrant the line “I’m getting’ too old for this shit.” The art in this story is moody and harkens back to those gritty action movies of old. It’s kung-fu and street fighting mayhem you won’t forget. The second feature is called “Cool” and it definitely is that. From the fun way of introducing the main characters to the total embrace of seventies styles and clich├ęs, writer Seth Peck and artist Ty Walker have made a great tribute to seventies stories and a helluva read too. The art is especially nice bringing enough cartoony aspects to make it fun, but maintaining a realism that doesn’t make the story too light and fluffy. All in all, this is a great comic honoring an age of cinema that is refreshing to see revived in graphic storytelling format. It debuts in January, so it looks like we all have a fun trip back in time in store for us in 2008. – Bug

Jackie and Marcus's pad

In '76 #4, Marcus and Jackie return to their old HQ, and Marcus is surprised to find that Jackie's maintained the pad (click on it, baby. It won't bite!):

Sunday, December 02, 2007