Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tigh Walker, superstar to be

I first met Tigh Walker, the artist on COOL, at a convention in Toronto a couple of years back. He had some rough samples on hand, and I was immediately struck by the enormous potential in his work, and by his obvious intelligence. Potential and intelligence are a dangerous combination.

A couple of years down the road and Tigh is emerging as one of the best young artists I know. Frankly, his progress is astonishing. It's only a matter of time before people realize the kind of talent we're dealing with on this book. Tigh and Jackie Karma artist Ed Tadem give the book an insane one-two punch. These guys understand the importance of environment in comics, which is something that seems to keep slipping away from modern comics...

Anyway, here are a couple of random Tigh Walker Pages from COOL (both from '76 #2):


Ivan Brandon said...
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Ivan Brandon said...

that's "soon to be superstar"